July 2016

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9 Ways to Be Certain You’ll Fail in Internet Marketing

1.Be filled with doubt. Cultivate it at every step, looking for reasons why you will fail, why your business plan won’t work, why effort is fruitless and hopeless. People who are successful want that success, they dream about it, breath it, live it in their minds over and over before it happens in real life. […]

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Just What Is Hype, And How Can You Avoid Using It?

No doubt you’ve been told to avoid using “hype” in your copywriting and sales messages, right? And I’ll bet there have been times when you’ve closed a sales letter page because the hype was too ridiculous for words. But when it comes to defining hype and especially to determining how much is just right, the […]

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People Buy From People They Trust on a Blackboard

How (And Why) To Build Trust

You’ve worked hard (darn hard, in many cases) to get prospects to your website and your sales pages – and many times they are on the verge of buying when they suddenly decide NOT to. What happened? How can you get so very close to making a sale only to lose it?

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How To Make $500 This Weekend

If you’re good at writing and you need to make some quick cash, you might try this method. First, choose a niche that’s hot. Internet Marketing, Weight Loss, Health, Self-Help, Finance, Etc. are usually all good topics. You’re looking for something that has a lot of demand as well as a lot of marketers working […]

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How Do You Make $100,000 per Year in Internet Marketing?

I’ve mentioned this before on another platform, but since I recently saw this in a marketing video I thought I might share it here with you as well. New marketers tend to get completely overwhelmed by the 100 and one things they need to do (or think they need to do) to be successful online. […]

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Your Traffic Methods Determine Your Income

I see new marketers all the time who have a goal of a $100,000 per year or even a million dollars per year. And how are they getting their traffic? They’re happily submitting articles, writing blogposts and commenting in forums and blogs. Now, if your goal is to earn an extra $1,000 a month, then […]

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The 6 Worst Affiliate Mistakes You’re Making

You don’t have your own product yet and you want to make some money promoting affiliate products. But if you promote affiliate products via email, there is a better than even chance that you are making at least one of these mistakes and it’s costing you money. Imagine if every time you promote a product, […]

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