February 2017

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Getting Free Traffic to Your Blog.

Once you have set up your blog and posted content on it then your main focus becomes on getting people to read it. Keep in mind that you’re not reinventing the wheel here… use these proven methods of getting traffic to your blog. 

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A thermometer with words It's Getting Hot at the top, with the mercury exploding through the glass and the descriptive terms melting, scorching, sizzling, boiling, burning


Funny thing, many times I hear of marketers getting stuck at a standstill in their online business because of technical problems, and many times that is true. I’ve had lots of tech issues that just drove me crazy and many times made me want to give up! 

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Business Planning

Why You Need A Marketing Strategy!

You know when I first started in this internet marketing business I really had no clue about what I was doing. I thought all you needed to do was to pop up a website and the people would just come running, in fact, I even had this thing in my mind about not telling anyone […]

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