What Is The Most Important Thing I Have Learned In Internet Marketing?

Well I could say getting traffic, I could say converting leads into sales, to be honest there’s s a whole list of things that could be on that list, but, it’s none of the above

The most important thing that I learned in this business was to TAKE ACTION! Yes, and I had to learn that the really hard way, you know a lot of the time we think that were actually doing the things we need to do in order to make progress in our online biz, but in reality we are not, at least I know I wasn’t.

A lot of the problem was  coming from really not believing that I could create something from nothing, bu I still had the desire to give it a try. The results of this was just simply not sales, no traffic, because instead of doing revenue generating tasks I was wasting time with no money making  projects.

Day by day would go by month by month, I would look back and  see I was no closer to building my dream online biz today than I was 6 months ago! Dreaming can be a good thing, and it can be a really bad thing, because dreams are like hope, you keep dreaming and hoping about the day when you finally get success and can sit back and relax.

The sad part about all of that is it will NEVER happen until you take action, you can’t get to a different place if you keep doing the same thing over and over. You have to start taking action in your IM biz, getting traffic, doing video’s sending emails, building a list, not buying product after product, building sales pages for weeks, or watching videos when you should be focusing on your biz.

I got tired of the same old results so I started taking action, day after day, and I ‘ll tell you it feels good to see myself and my IM biz moving in the direction that was dreaming and hoping for!

I hope this helps, I know it’s damn hard to focus and implement everyday but is the only to get to where we want to be.