About Me:

About Me:

Hey, Bill Foster here…

Welcome to my website, 1Onemanteam Internet Marketing, fisrst just a few quick things about myself…

I am married  51, with two sons, one is 24, and the other is 15, I to play Call of Duyt zombies in my spear time( yes at my age, still a big kid), I also love internet marketing. I struggled a lot at the begging trying anything to make money online, but wasted lots of time and money.

I finaaly figured out that by providing valuable services online to other people is what this business is really all about, so what I like to do now is do product reviews to tryand help people make an informed decision as to whether the product they are looking at will fit their needs.

I also will be providing other products and resourse in the future, that will help others in thier online business ventures.


To Your Success,

Bill Foster,
1Onemanteam Internet Marketing