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My Affiliate Titan 2 Review:

What is Affiliate Titan 2?

Affiliate Titan 2 is a mix of training combined with a couple of software, that helps you to find profitable affiliate products to promote for commissions. I’ll explain a little of what each of theses software does next:

The first software is called: The Launch Pulse Software:

What this software does is it pulls up all of the big profitable launches that are happening in the 30 period, now there are a few other sites that will give a list of upcoming products launches, but it’s just really a long list and does not have any detailed info, you just have to try and figure out what is the best product to promote.

So the launch pulse software will let you search products by date, person, price, commission, or even the amount of the prize that can be won for the most sales, the bigger the prize could mean that this is the product you may want to take a real good look at. You can also select by low Google and low YouTube competition.

All of the launches are categorized by the niche, there’s a real neat feature that is a icon next to the product that when hovered over it gives you a automatic preview of the JV page this is so you can immediately see what the product is about without having to leave the site to see the product info.There’s a request button right there so you can just click that button to request to promote that product. That’s pretty much what Launch Pulse does, and right now I don’t think there are many products that do this.

The second software is called: CB 100 Software: 

This a software for finding the top ClickBank  affiliate programs, ClickBank is a network of thousands of digital products, and is basically made up of ebooks, software, and video-sites and products of hat nature. One of the advantages of ClickBank is that you can promote products right away, you don’t have to wait to get approved like the other affiliate networks.

Searching for product on ClickBank is basically the same except ClickBank has a gravity search witch shows how many affiliates made a commission on a certain product. ClickBank also has it’sown unique types of searches as well. So what this software really does is cut thru all the searching and it’s gets right down to the best products to promote, if you did this on ClickBank you would have to search and gather all of this info yourself. There are quite a few ways to search with the CB software that will give an advantage over people just using the ClickBank website.

The third software is called The King Of The Zoo:

King Of The Zoo software is a software that lets you see whats selling on Jvzoo  which a affiliate network, (To sell products on Jvzoo you must wait for approval), you will be selling products on Jvzoo as an affiliate. So what this software does is it goes to Jvzoo every 12 hours and grabs the top 10 best selling products and then the software assigns a score to each of those products from 1 to 10.

You can search by keyword, price, units sold, EPC (Earnings Per Click)  new products, and a few other types of searches. You can also filter by niches as well If you hover over the number of the product like #3 it will tell you the name of the product creator, if you hover over the product score it will tell you when the product launched, and if you click on the product it self it will go directly to the sales page. One really cool feature is there’s a desktop icon, if you hover over that you get an automatic preview of the sales page.

Just like the ClickBank software there is the request button that goes to the product vendor to request permission to promote any product. This is another unique software that I have seen anything like before.

The fourth and last software is called The 1 Click Affiliate Software:

Alright, this is an really interesting piece of software here, and yes you may have seen a lot of others like it, BUT, I don’t think that any of the other software work as good as this one. 1 Click Affiliate is a tool that lets you build out profitable websites, sales-pages, and landing pages using proven copy that has been used by the creators of the software to sell millions dollars of products.

There’s a product that came out in 2007 called Day Job Killer, ( No Promotion ) these are the guys who are the creators of Affiliate Titan, and that is the type of copy you get to use in 1 Click Affiliate. I can’t really tell you how the tool works this is something you would have to see for yourself, but I will say that it’s the best at what it does in my onion, I played around with this tool but did not really try to create a sales page, but from what saw this thing is a an tool that I will get more familiar with in the future.

That’s not all you get with Affiliate Titan 2, here are some more cool tools…




So I must say that for the front end cost of this product which is $7 this is an absolute seal, however you show know by now hat a low front end cost means what? Upsells! yes after the $7 there are some upsells you don’t need them but they are interesting, I apologize, I   actually bought this product my self but I don’t remember what the upsells are, but I you buy you’ll be able to see them yourself and decide if you like or need any of them

So do I like Affiliate Titan 2 Yes, for only 7$ you get an great amount of value, and all of the tools included work pretty well, and as if you can;t tell by my website review affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. For $7 I think Affiliate Titan is definitely worth you time and money.

If you pick up Affiliate Titan 2 Thru this link , 2 I’ll hook you up with one of the best Affiliate software you can get to track your Jvzoo affiliate campaigns, build your buyers list, and also comes with step-by-step training to help you make money online here’s the sales page, Affiliate Trax.

All you need to do to get this bonus is to send your Affiliate Titan 2 receipt to omtwtf@gmail.com – give me 48 hours (manual set-up) and then I’ll send your bonus right out.

To Your Success,

Bill Foster.

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