Affiliate Trax Review:

Affiliate Trax

Just What Is Affiliate Trax?

Well Affiliate Trax is another great creation from Brett Rutecky, and Mike from Maine who are product creators, and two top affiliate marketers. One of the biggest problems foraffiliate marketers is once they make the sale that’s it, they get their commission and that’s all they get. It’s the product vendor or the creator of the product that gets all of the really good stuff.

You see product owner not only gets part of the sale, but he also gets one of the most important parts of the deal and that is the the email or the person who bought the product. this person goes on  the product vendors buyers list. As an affiliate this part of the deal by-passes you, and that’s where Affiliate Trax comes in and levels the playing field.

You see Affiliate Trax does quite a few things that is in favor of the affiliate, for one thing now the affiliate can get the email of the buyer and build their buyer’s list as well, and that’s fair because they are the ones who are bring the traffic to the product vendor.

Affiliate Trax keeps all of your stats from your affiliate marketing efforts like: Total Sales,  Total Value Of A Customer, Total Customers, Total Refunds, Refund percent, I think you get the idea. Up until now there has not been too many tools that does what Affiliate Trax can do, at least not at this price.

So Affiliate Trax is basically a affiliate tracking system that also builds your buyers list while you make affiliate commissions at the same time.

Now that’s not all this product does, like most of Brett and Mike’s products you get the marketing  training included along with the software. The training you get here is very unique, because you get two total different perspectives of training, you get the way Mike from Maine does his affiliate marketing, and you get the way Brett Rutecky does his affiliate marketing, and this is great there’s not really any other people that put this much into one product.

Are there any Pro’s or Cons? Yes! Unfortunately this system only works on the Jvzoo platform, but is not all that bad because Jvzoo is one of leaders when it comes to affiliate marketing merchants.

What are the Pro’s? Everything else great product, great training, great price, affiliate marketing is one of the quickest, easiest, and best way to make money on line, and sooner or later you will need to get in control of your marketing efforts, and Affiliate Trax is the best way to do it.

Pick It Up At It’s Lowest Price Right Here, 

Bill Foster.



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