What Is The Most Important Thing I Have Learned In Internet Marketing?

The question What Have You Learned? on a wooden ruler asking you to assess what knowledge you have attained through education, training or other life experience

Well I could say getting traffic, I could say converting leads into sales, to be honest there’s s a whole list of things that could be on that list, but, it’s none of the above

The most important thing that I learned in this business was to TAKE ACTION! Yes, and I had to learn that the really hard way, you know a lot of the time we think that were actually doing the things we need to do in order to make progress in our online biz, but in reality we are not, at least I know I wasn’t. Read More…




Why I Now Have A Test Site!

Test. Concept office

Many of you out may already know this but I just had to find this out the hard way, so… here  goes… if your doing any kind of marketing online and you test products for maybe reviews and things of that nature, do yourself a favor and get yourself a test site. Read More…


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