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The Best Online Marketing “Advice” To Get Your Online Business Going!

I don’t know what day you’re reading this. But I do know that today someone, somewhere, just launched a brand new Internet Marketing product or course that will finally teach you the secrets to building a successful Internet Marketing business in just months.  Read More…

$21,925 from PLR without Selling a Single Copy

“I know a fellow who hates selling, can’t write copy, doesn’t have a list, despises doing customer service and just wants to make money.” And make money he does! He’s created a half dozen courses and made a minimum of $8,000 from each one, without ever selling a single copy of any of his courses. So how does he do it? First, he looks around for someone who will make a great case study. 
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Does Length Matter? 7 Tips for Getting Your Videos Watched.

There was a time when it didn’t matter how long your videos were because people were happy to watch most anything online if they had a fast connection. Then came the video deluge, with millions and billions of videos all competing for eyeballs. “Make it short! Make it snappy!” was the cry of the day.  Read More…


If someone were to ask you what the #1 ‘secret’ to making money online was, what would you say?  Any guesses? Maybe you’d say it’s to find a starving crowd. Or to build and nurture a list. Or to get in on the beginning of a hot new trend. All of these are good answers. And all of these are wrong.  Read More…


Here’s how to make your content timely, highly relevant and super hot, every single time. Let’s face it – online marketing is and always will be about selling stuff to people. Simple. The techniques might change (somewhat) and the methods we use become more refined, but it’s still all about selling products and services people need or want.  Read More…