Automated Sales System Review

Automated Sales System, Is It Worth Your Time?

Yes, Yes Yes, today I will do a review on one of my own products, Why? Why not? If I didn’t it was any good I wouldn’t be selling it anyway. Just what is the Automated Sales System, it’s not what you may think I know when I heard the name for the first time I thought it was some kind of software or plugin. So I’ll tell you now it’s not a new type of software.

I was Looking For A Long Time!

This product is something I was searching for, for a very long tine but could never find just the right kind that had all of the elements needed to get the complete job done. You see one of the most important things you can do when you start your online biz is to build your list and to do that you need a squeeze page, a product to give away follow-up emails, and it all needs to have that professional touch. well, not all of the time but it does help….

And that’s just where the Automated Sales System comes in, The Automated Sales System is exactly what is missing from most beginner marketers business, a up-front product funnel, a way to collect your subscriber name and email and a  way to build your list, which in turn builds your online business.

What’s Included?

So here’s a rundown of what you get inside the Automated Sales System,

  1. Module 1: High Converting Squeeze Page
  2. Module 2: High Quality Free Report
  3. Module 3: 7-Email Followup Series
  4. Module 4: Affiliate Product Recommendations
  5. Module 5: Easy-To-Follow Setup Instructions, easy to set-up  not hard at all!

How’s The Quality?

That’s easy, it’s all Professional, you don’t have to worry about looking like a rookie, now here’s something to remember, you get PLR rights to this product so if you choose to change the way the product looks to make it your own, go for it, but it you prefer you can use it just the way it is.

What’s The Cost?

Another easy one fo3r only $17 per month you get 2 funnels every month, each in a different niche, now, of course, you may not want to have 12 different funnels going at the same time ( many marketers do) I have 3, so you can cancel at any time you feel ou have the right amount of business building funnels.

What Could Be Better?

It could also come with a up-front product to sell, (Does Have Recommended Affiliate Products)-  there’s not much to say, look if you want to make money online at some point you’re going to need a list, to build a list you need a funnel, get yours while this really great product is available! 

Bill Foster.


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