Bonus Press Review:

What is Bonus Press, Do You Need It?
Bonus Press is a software that creates bonus pages, that you can use in your marketing promotions to pre-sell any product that you are promoting online. If you look at some of the promotions you have been getting recently you will see that a lot of them are affiliate offers, that offer bonuses as an incentive to purchase.

Here’s why you need to offer bonuses…

Offering bonuses is an effective tactic that is used to compete in the crowed world of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is extremely profitable and  with so many marketers promoting the same product you need to understand that your viewers will be getting the same promotion from many other marketers, So you have give your reader the reason to purchase from you.

In addition many times you don’t want to send your prospect directly to a sales page…

You may want to send them to your bonus page to give them a quick preview or review of the product, while showing the great bonus you have if they buy. In lots of cases it can be the bonus that they want more than the product, so they will buy from you just to get your bonus, I have bought lots of products myself just because of that one fact.

Is Bonus Press Any Good?

In my opinion Bonus Press is one of the better bonus page creators out there, and I have bought and tried a few of the top bonus page creators. Bonus Press is by far the easiest and fastest to use, with this tool you can have a page set up i about five or ten minute, that’s not bad timing either.

Here;s BP stacks up in quick comparison to 2 of the other leading BP creators I have used…

Commission Evolution: I like this tool, looks great but the last time I used CE I remember it just would not let me put things where I wanted to put them and although it’s a great BP creator, that is a big no no for me.

I also own and have used Commission Gorilla: This is by far one of the best PB creators available online today! In fact I think CG is better than BP because it offers so many features, however when it came down to ease of use BP wins hands down.

Here’s an example:

With BP I want to put in a image, even though I don’t like to use the short code thing that BP makes you use to add an image , it’s not terrible hard to do in fact it’s not problem at all, You just click on the short code button and then you are given the simple option to do as you pleas.

When I went to add an image with CG, I had it would not let me just add the image, I told me that I had to put in the correct size image, which means now I have to go out of this tool, edit the image and then come back. With BP I can add any image regardless, and then right there can edit the size without leaving the tool. EASE OF USE WINS!

Are there cons for BP? YES! I my experience with BP I could not get the emails to go directly to my autoresponder service, know that could have been just me maybe I need to spend more time in this area with this tool. In general there’s not really a whole lot bad to say here. Below is a promotion I did with BP just 1 day after I bought it…

BP example:

Not bad, and this only took about 10 minutes, very easy to use, and in this business you need to be able to move quick to to jump on the really hot trends or products.


So you should be able to guess what I’m going to say next right? That’a right,if your any kind of marketing online especially affiliate marketing, and your giving away bonuses, then I would suggest you pick up Bonus Press, Right Here, and get my Ok, here we go practice…

You can get my awesome bonus… Affiliate Trax  Sales Page Here..

Just send me  your Bonus Press Receipt,to 1omtwtf@gmail.com, and give me 48 hours, (Manual Set-Up Process), and I’ll send your bonus over ASAP!

Se Ya Next Time,
Bill Foster.


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