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These Business’s And Products, Take Time And Effort!

If you’re anything like the way I was not too long ago and you were looking for ways to make money online, and you are one of those thousands pf would be marketers who buy lots products then you need to know this… 

You need to understand if you don’t already that no matter how hyped up or true the product is, it’s going to require that you go thru the proper channels to get the product to work! So many time I made this stupid mistake over and over again. You get hyped up over what the sales page os aying, and the hot graphics, and the great promises that this is the one that will truly work for you buy the product, you open it up (some don’t even do that) you start reading and see the requirements and “BAM”. that’s it your done here.

I have done this over and over, and what I’m tiring to tell you is that underneath ALL of these great products you see online whatever they promise, there is always the technical side,  setting it up, hosting, autoresponder messages, domain name, uploading the product to your server, checking spelling, sometimes you need website headers, logos, you may have to rebrand the product, you may hav to set-up a sales funnel for the product to make it work ( some products create profits by running leads thru sales funnels) you may have to pay someone to set-up your sale funnel if you don’t know how.

Yes there are some products out there that don’t require this much effort, and there are some that are really easy to set- up,  and all you need to do is what? Something else I did no mention” GET TRAFFIC”, and this will probably be everyone’s biggest challenge, but once all of the above is finally done only then will you have one of those online businesses that they say “runs completely on auto-pilot”

I want to make something clear this sis in no way bashing anyone’s online dreams  this is only to help, because if you go into this business without this info you may end up going broke before you know it,  buy one here buy one another $17, $47,  $9.95,  Upsell $27. OTO $47, OTO#2 $67, buy another next day $14,95 do this for one year and add it up, I did it for more than that!

I still buy products “BUT” I only now buy what I can or “WIL”  promote!. I know you still get promotions in your box today that say buy this great product and they may be right, but they require work. if you hang around long enough you ‘ll read about marketers saying that people buy these products and them just let them sit on their hard drive and collect dust.

You gotta remember it’s the marketer’s job to sell the products it’s the buyer’s job as a business person to understand what is involved t make his purchase work there going to say “Great product make $5000  in 2 months guaranteed” and it will if you do the work, but they won’t say “Great product make $5000 in 2 months  but requires quite a bit of work to get it done” sounds bad but which sell more copy’s?

So on your next buying mission take this into account may sound good may work but will require some work are you ready for the work? If not I have 2 business’s that don’t require too much work one requires a little set-up but it’s easy the other all you need to do is to add traffic you can check them both out below if this is something you may need to get started …

Done4umemberships – Just Add Traffic


Automated Sales Sytems Done For You Membership Site – Requires Simple Set-Up No Membership Site To Set-Up Just Upload Content To Your Server,  All Content Will Be Pulled From Your Autoresponder On Auto Pilot. Ofcourde Add Traffic.





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