You Can Get Good Things On Fiverr!

One of the biggest things that held me back from building my online biz was the technical, building sites autoresponders, sales pages that would not cooperate, but one of my most frustrating issues was how to get graphics for my websites.

For years I big problems when it came time for me to get a header created, a logo, or any kind of graphic design, and you should know by now that you’re not going to get many sales if your web page looks like a third grader did it.

So when I got ready to build 1OnemanTeam Internet Marketing this problem raised it’s ugly head again, and I was determined to do something about it this time because I really needed to get this website up and running I also wanted it to look half way decent.

What I did was,  I took a leap of faith I went over to Fiverr and typed in what I was looking for and when I got back my finished product I was impressed. I used to hear lots of people online say never get anything done on Fiverr, but Fiverr proved them wrong!

Here’s what I had done on Fiverr (and I think they look pretty darn good!)

  1. The header on this website
  2. The image of myself on my about me page
  3.  If you click on the FaceBook icon at the top of this page you’ll go to my fan page, I had that header done on Fivver also, I don’t remember exactly how much I spent430 but I do know they were very inexpensive like under $20 for each one.

So if you’re in a jam and need some graphic work done, and you don’t have lots of time or money  I would go to Fiverr, you can get great work quick fast and cheap!

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