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Commission Cartel Review… It’s All Legal!

It’s About The Affiliate Marketing Game!

Don’t worry you don’t have to join the mob, but you may have to do some hits if you want to apply these affiliate tactics, in Commission Cartel. You should know by now just by the name Commission Cartel that this all about affiliate marketing, That’s truth and nothing but the truth!

Unless you’re new online you already know that  there’s a new product being launched almost every day,  and with that said many of those products are training products, affiliate marketing products. So what makes Commission Cartel different? Well first I’ll tell you that it’s a product by one of the most trusted and respected affiliate marketers online Micheal Cheney,  But even the best people put out no-so-good products, right? YEA, BUT NOT TODAY!

Next Question: Is It The Same Old Stuff?

There is some basic stuff, however,  I’ve personally, purchased quite a few of the other affiliate products out there and many of them teach the same thing, you might get a little twist or turn here and there but nothing really new. The info I learned from this course… I WILL IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY, in my affiliate marketing campaigns, it’s that good,

In, fact these are the methods in this training that contributed to me buying tons of info products in the past…the dirty rats, and I’ll bet you are still under the influence of these sneaky little tricks right now if you’re still buying marketing products. When I got to the part in the video about this little strategy , I said, ” You Diry Dogs” that is exactly what made me buy! So to answer the question, no it’s not the same old stuff.

What Do You Get?

Alright, good question, Commission Cartel is one long video, about 1 hour, it’s nor broken up into many little 8 minute modules like other courses. Here’s a breakdown of what you get…

First, you get the Core Training Video
Second –  The Dossier, which walks you through the complete methods
Third – The MP3 Audio of the whole Course
Fourth – The Step – Step BluePrint
Fifth – You get 27 hand-crafted promotional messages created by Michael Cheney Himself to make money right away!
Sixth – Additional Closed Door Private Training, 2 of them about 1 hour long each

Let’ Talk The OTO’S

There are 2 the first one is for $27, and it’s called The Godfather Package, you get 5 entire campaigns, done for you, included in theses campaigns are, 7 email follow-ups, written by Mr. Cheney, 7 blog messages, 7 faceBook messages, a coupon code to give your buyers a discount on one of the products ( sorry not sure which products are included) also a bonus that’s created by Mr. Cheney to give to your buyers, WOW! Oh  WAIT,  you also get 30 days consultation via screenshot just send in a screenshot and get your question answered, by Michael Cheney himself! WOW again!

Second OTO… $47, includes…  It’s called The Secret Weapons Package, this includes tools and templates, that Michael Cheney uses in his own business, / 20 fill in  the blank, use these to promote any product you want, and the Anatomy of  a five hundred  thousand dollar campaign,/a walkthrough of a $500,000 affiliate campaign from start to finish, WOW! Also, Secret psychological sale triggers that make people buy…

What this is is Micheal picks 20 of his best-converting messages and walks you thru on video to show you exactly what made people react. I should also mention these are real OTO’S, if you leave there will be NO TOWNSELL, that’s it, once you leave the offer id gone!

My humble opinion, if you’re into affiliate marketing just break- down and get it, it’s ony $10 bucks, you just can’t lose with this deal here. here’s the link it’s a, NO- BRAINER!


Hello Foster Internet Sales,

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Invoice ID: Commission Cartel

Pick it up through the link above, send your receipt to and get a copy of, Affiliate Trax LifTime Access… Check out the Affiliate Trax Sales Page Here, Brett is selling this for $67 , you get it FREE as your bonus!

To Your Success,
Bill Foster.











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