First I want to say that to some people this post that I’m writing here may not mean a whole lot, but whenever you start to take building your online business seriously you will see the impact that these post will have on you and your business. 

A lot of the posts that I write here are like doors I had to walk thru in order to get things right, so let’s talk a little about “Distractions”! We all get distracted all the time in life and that’s perfectly fine were only human, This internet biz that we are in does not leave any room for distractions, and the funny thing is there’s recently been a few new tools or software’s that increase being distracted.

desktop notifications is one of them you turn on your laptop to get a few tasks done and before you strat you’re already clicking on notifications to go somewhere else, I just did that right before I started writing this post. I turn on my laptop open up 2 or 3 windows, then I saw “you have 3 new notifications on facebook” immediately I clicked the bubble even without thing and then I caught myself  I said let me check that later because I knew if I did it now it would lead me down the neverending path that probably would end up on youtube.

It seems like whenever I get distracted I end up on youtube I figure that one out, so here’s the thing you’re going to get real serious and when it comes time to do what you need to do that has to come first, because remember… whatever work you don’t get done today for your business you have to do tomorrow and that just puts you another day away from your goals

If one of your goals is to quit your job and let’s say you don’t do anything for a whole week then that’s one more week you have to stay at that job, I know I.m not the greatest writer in the world but I think that by now you get the idea.

I take discipline and focus in order to get an online started  one of the things that helped me was to write down what aI needed to get done to push my business forward the day before and stick to it don’t come home and start out checking emails because that could go on for hours and you could have used that time to be productive building your online biz.

These are just little tips I had to learn the hard way, it cost me my most precious assets, My Time, My Money, and My Energy!


Bill Foster.

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