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What Is Link Master?

If you know anything about affiliate marketing, then you should know that it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online. It is one of the best ways to also make get started with online marketing, however, with this very good model of marketing there also comes a few drawbacks!

I don’t know if you ever used any Private Label Rights, or purchased e-books, or any kind of material created by someone else, but if one of those product creators do not want you to change certain items in their product, they have a really creative way of making this happen. That aspect is one of tose major drawbacks that happens in affiliate marketing all of the time,

And that is where a tool like Link Master comes in, with affiliate marketing while you may get quick easy commissions, the one thing you lose is your most important asset you get the sale but you lose buyers email, that email goes to the product creator, so, in essence, you are building the list for the product vendor.

Another way you lose by the same token, if the prospect leaves the sales page the product vendor has a way of grabbing the prospects name even though no sale was made, so it’a win-win for the product vendor all the way around for the product creator.

But guess what? That stuff is all in the past because this is not the way it has to be anymore…

Here’s a break-down of what link master does…

1. Cloak your affiliate link with your own website domain name.
2. Complete stat tracking showing total clicks, unique clicks, and clicks over time.
3. Pull the vendor’s sales page into your website.
4. Bypass on exit pop ups on the vendor’s sales page that lets them snag your traffic when a sale is not completed.
5. Add your own on exit redirect into the vendor’s sales page that will redirect people to any URL you want if they try to leave without making a purchase.
6. Automatically change and word in your posts or pages to become clickable cloaked links.
So maybe you didn’t know all this funny stuff was going on behind your back, while you were promoting your affiliate products, but not anymore, 
Is This A Reliable Product?
Well,  I’ll tell you like this… I have just about all of Brett Rutecky’s products and I have to say that I have no problems with any of them. 
 And I should mention that you can’t buy this from Brett’s site because it’s not for sale there, you see this is an agency reseller product which means that only those who have purchased reseller rights can sales this product, and I happen to be one of  them…
However for this short period of time ( I am probably the only one in the world who does) this but, you will find that there is no buyer link for the product on this page right now, so whoever lands here intending to purchase, some lucky  reseller out there may get the sale. The reason for this is I have quite a few things to do, I wanted to get this review out there, and I have not set up my sales page yet, so fro this short period of time I will grace someone else with the profits.
 To Your Success,
Bill Foster.    



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