Mail It Plugin Review Part 1

You Can Really Have Full Control Of  Your Online Business With Mail It!

You know Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky have been my favorite product creators for quite a long time now. Brett and mike  have put out quite few great products, the first one I picked up was Profit Canvas, but this latest product the Mail It Plugin, I really think changes everything because you cam gain full control of your online business.

The newest product called Mail  It, which is an autoresponder that you set up on your WordPress site., so just what do I think of mail It?

Now I want to let you know that I still have my aweber account, and that’s because I have a few apps set-up that I have to see if I can set them up with Mail It, but I do have Mail It all set-up and ready to go on my main website

If you have any of Brett’s product then you have an idea of what to expect when you get mail It, it’s the same type of set-up inside the dashboard, and that’s the main reason why I like Brett’s products they are never complicated. This is what you see across the top of the dashboard:  Home       Bonuses       Deliverability Tips       Support , and then some extras at the bottom,

Other than that It’s just the plugin that you have to worry about, and that is really easy to set up, I mean I know it sounds kind of scary using your own mailing system but it wasen’t hard at all.

SMTP Host –  
SMTP Port –  
SMTP UserName –  
SMTP Password –  
SMTP From Email –  
SMTP ReplyTo Email –  
Send Name –  
Bounce Email –  
Bounce User –  
Bounce Password –  
Bounce Tolerance –  
Physical Address  
Throttling –  
Current throttling will send 450 emails per hour.

Once you fill out the info in the boxes above your ready to go with your own FREE Autoresponder Service! It;s also good to know that Brett backs all of his products with excellent support, so if there are any problems he will be therer to help you out.

As far as the setting up of Mail It there are video tutorials of course, that walk you thru each of the steps,  and your hosting company will supply you with any additional info you might need to complete your set-up, so please don’ let what you see above scare you away I set up my system in about 10 minutes. You can do this it’s real not that hard at all to set up Mail It.

Funny thing thing happened you the info list above?  Well at first i copied the settings button also thought it would be harmless, I viewed the post clicked on the settings button and deleted all of mt settings, so I had to install Mail It again, only took 5 minutes this time.

There are some bonuses inside Mail It I won’t give that away, The cost well unlike all of the other mailing systems that charge you every month Mail It is a one time cost of $47 that’s it! How can you go wrong with a deal like that?

There are no up-sells, all up the up-sells were at the launch of this product, so i don’t far you have come in your IM biz, for me The Mail It Plugin is by far one of the best products of the year.

In the next review I will have started my first list with Mail It, it may not be much of a review, but I’ll still check back to let you know how it does for me …until then,

Bill Foster.

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