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How To Make $500 This Weekend

If you’re good at writing and you need to make some quick cash, you might try this method.

First, choose a niche that’s hot. Internet Marketing, Weight Loss, Health, Self-Help, Finance, Etc. are usually all good topics. You’re looking for something that has a lot of demand as well as a lot of marketers working to satisfy that demand, because what you’re going to do is write PLR.

(Just in case there is anyone out there who doesn’t know what PLR is, it’s Private Label Rights material that can be used by the people who purchase it to make their own products or to use as they choose within the rights you assign to them at the time of purchase.)

The next step is of course to create your content, and here’s the important caveat: Do NOT create junk. Write quality pieces that you are proud to offer others and that they in turn will be happy to sell to their customers or use on their websites as their own.

You might write a series of articles on the topic – 10 to 20 is good. Better yet, create a report and package it with a dozen articles.

Next, write a sales page to sell your content. Be sure to incorporate an actual sample of your writing into the sales letter, so that your prospects can see for themselves that your writing is of high quality and interesting to read.

Now get your PLR sales letter in front of as many eyeballs as possible. If you have a mailing list, start with them since these are people who already know and trust you. Consider running a ‘dime’ sale, in which the price goes up a specified amount each time a purchase is made. It doesn’t have to be 10 cents, it could be any amount you choose. Start low to get some quick sales and testimonials. Having the price continually go up forces people to make a decision right then and there to buy your PLR, thus increasing your sales. And since you are starting at a low price ($5 to $10 is good) your offer becomes an easy one to sell.

Next, consider running a Warrior Special Offer, again allowing the price to increase with each sale. If you are not yet a member of the Warrior Forum, you’ll need to join and make some posts to be eligible to run your own WSO. It does cost $40 to do a WSO, but if you’ve got a good product and letter you should recoup this money in the first hour or two of your offer.

Third, find yourself some affiliates or joint venture partners. You can do this through the Warrior Forum itself, or through Google. Search for marketers who are selling other people’s PLR and send them yours free of charge, asking them to look at it and hopefully promote it for you. Offer them at least 50% commission, and if you’re able to, add a backend offer to increase both their commissions and yours. The backend doesn’t have to be your own original product – it could be something related to your offer for which you own the resell rights.

Yes, all of this can be done in a weekend. Do well and you may earn far more than $500, especially if you continue to promote it in the days and weeks to come.

Turn Your Copy into a Conversation

Regardless of what you’re writing – a blogpost, an article, a sales message, etc. – your copy should sound personal and relevant to the person reading it. You don’t want to sound like you’re writing a textbook to a class of students or a news article to the masses. Instead, your tone should be similar to a one on one conversation with a friend.

So how can you achieve this? With a little research and a healthy dose of imagination. This is one of those tricks that natural writers do without thinking about, and the rest of us can learn with just a little practice. What you’re going to do is create a “persona” of your ideal audience member. For example, if you’re writing a sales letter, your persona is the customer. Hopefully you have a good idea of who your customers are, and if not you might want to engage in some research to find out.

Choose one customer: Someone who has purchased your products in the past and reads all your stuff. This person might be real or imaginary, it doesn’t really matter. Now write a bio for your customer, answering these questions: Male or female? Age? Where does s/he live? Occupation? Likes? Dislikes? Desires? Goals? You get the idea – you’re creating this person just as if they were real and sitting there in the room with you. Picture them in your mind, or choose a photo off of the Internet.

Now for the fun part: Make friends with this customer. Imagine having a face to face chat about your latest product or the blogpost you’re about to write. What do you tell him or her? What questions do they have? Do they understand what you’re saying, or do they need clarification?

If you’re thinking you can’t do this, it simply means you’re out of practice. All children have imaginary conversations in their heads, and you did as well. This is your chance to let your subconscious mind go to work, filling in the words your persona would say to you in a conversation. You’ll be surprised by what you discover because you’re opening the door to knowledge you didn’t even know you had.

Now then, once you’re got a good sense of who your persona is, go ahead and write that blogpost or article or sales message directly to your persona, just as you would write a personal letter. Be sure to connect with them on an emotional as well as intellectual level. Your persona is the only one that matters when you are writing because it is just the two of you having an intimate conversation.

And if all of this sounds terribly silly, don’t worry. Just try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much better your writing can become when you’re writing to that one specific persona.

BONUS: As you get to know your persona better and better, you might try asking him or her questions and quietly listening for the answers. Your persona can tell you why your marketing is falling short, how to market your product for more sales, and even what product to create.

Once you’re well acquainted with your first persona, consider getting a second one that is quite different from the first. For example, if your niche is Internet marketing and your persona is a 50 year old male looking to make extra money to sock away for retirement, your second persona might be a 22 year old looking to earn a full time living online as fast as possible, or perhaps a newly divorced 35 year old mother of 3 trying to make ends meet.

These personas will make your writing come alive, as well as accessing useful and sometimes brilliant information and insights that take you by complete surprise and significantly add to your bottom line.

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