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Why You Need A Marketing Strategy!

You know when I first started in this internet marketing business I really had no clue about what I was doing. I thought all you needed to do was to pop up a website and the people would just come running, in fact, I even had this thing in my mind about not telling anyone what I was going to do because it was so easy they would all want to do it! 

I had a friend of mine who was going into the business along with me and to show just how nieve we were he was going to call his website “We Sell Everything”!. Just think of how impossible that would have been or just the obligation to keep up that title.

So I was really out of touch with the realities of running starting or owning a business with led me to believe that I could start one without any type of marketing skills, ah! But you can start an online business without any marketing skills what you should not do is to strat one without any type of strategy because that was a big mistake!

I want to let you know that from the outside looking in the internet marketing world or business looks so easy to do, and it just looks like it doesn’t require too much effort, but when you get inside and go for a ride you’ll start to see a whole new world that’s hidden behind those very seemly harmless walls.

Simply put if you try to start an internet business without any kind of marketing strategy your looking for lots of trouble, you’ll probably attract the wrong kinds of customers, you may buy products you don’t need, you won’t have any real direction for your business, basically you’ll be running in circles.

A marketing strategy gives you guidance it will give a plan, a roadmap, to get from where you are to where you want or need to be, you’ll have focus. take it from me someone who has blatantly disregarded this rule and has paid the price for it big time in the form of going broke!

Yes broke frustrated and confused, it’s not something I.m proud of but it was a very necessary lesson to learn if I was going to continue, or quit! So if you’re going to become an internet marketer you better get used to many different types of skills you may have to learn to succeed but one of the most important is you need to have a  strategy in place if you want to make it online.

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