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Here Is Why Some People Fail Online…

Just the other day I was sitting at my dining room table with my cell phone in my hand and I had the urge to check on one of my websites. So that’s what I did, now for this website I was using a PLR lead page, so when I got the search engine results there were only 2 other results on the page, the rest of the page was loosely related.

So… just to check out what my competition was doing I filled out the info on the first lead page, and the results… on this test the lead page looked good, the redirect went to the sales page like it should, the sales looked good, BUT at the bottom of the page this person forgot to get rid of  “YOUR NAME HERE”  personally I won’t buy from a sales page like this unless it’s a very well know marketer, mistake happen but this will cost you sales.

Also I wanted for a while did some other things and never received any email response from this offer got no free report, and no autoresponder response, so I clicked on the buy button and surprise here’s what I saw  ERROR 404 – PAGE NOT FOUND.  Needless to say that this person will not be building a list or making any sales with this promotion I just hope that they are not buying solo ads as their traffic source for this campaign.

Next Ad… this person changed the name just a little no big deal now I want to make something very clear here unless you have money-making copywriting skills Do Not try to re-do a sales page or lead page that is done by a PRO, big 1st mistake because I just used the same lead page from this product sent out a Solo ad for 100 clicks and got 45 opt-ins! The page they re-did looked like a 3rd grader did it, no-one will ever sign-up at this page it’s that bad.

Next mistake the get access now button does not work, so no one will be singing up at this promotion either. Just to make things clear this is not person bashing, it’s just that if you’re going to spent time and energy putting this all together then just do it right, otherwise your just wasting your time and your not going to build your online biz or make any money.

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