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I Wanted To Start Getting Traffic, and To Start Building My List Right Away So This Is What I Did…

I used to spend a huge amount of time trying to learn the tech aspects of this biz, there are tons of things to learn. On top of that I spent a lot of my time building squeeze pages trying to build websites, sales funnels and things like that. So I knew I needed Fast Action Traffic!

As a rookie marketer these are the things you do and not knowing any better I thought that getting traffic would be the easy part, however down the road I found out that the opposite is true, you see once you build a website that’s it it’s done, but traffic is a never ending task.

Also, once you get the traffic ( Leads ) then you have to start to build a relationship with your leads, and try to turn them into customers. this is one reason lots of new marketers don’t make lots of sales from their online efforts.

The point of my story here is that there is an easy way to get traffic, and that is to just simply BUY TRAFFIC! What kind of traffic to buy? Well use Solo Ads, and before you say anything about Solo Ads I want to give my humble opinion about traffic…

What is online traffic? It’s people visiting your website, so no matter where ever you get your traffic it’s still only people. Some people say solo ads traffic is a bunch of unresponsive freebie seekers, Solo ads gets a bad rap sometimes, but remember, where ever you get your traffic you still have to turn them into your customers, .

If you get the freshest organic traffic by the  thousands coming to your website everyday, but they don;t like you or your offers or maybe they  don’t like your website, then it does not matter where you got the traffic. I just find it so easy to find a good solo ad dealer that you can trust in this biz, and go and by your traffic.

I am not saying to only rely on this kind of traffic source, but it’s an easy way to build a quick list, now of course it will cost you money to build your list this way, and could get rather  costly if you try to build a huge list with this method. By using Solo Ads you can get a quick start, and use this to build momentum for your online biz.

And the answer to your question is yes I have and still do use Solo Ads to build my list, See Blow…

There is no money exchange in the email above because I had  a special deal with the Solo Ad vendor, but the reason I posted the info is because many marketers say they use a certain software, or a kind of traffic and they really don’t,which is misleading and unethical.
So this is something to think about you know if your having a tough time getting traffic to your websites, and your tired of waiting around for something to happen, then outan check out my reliable Sol Ads choice in the link below.
Need Fast Traffic? Get some right Here…


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