The Profit Canvas Review

Profit Canvas Any Good? Read On To Find Out.

Today I want to a review a review of a marketing tool that came out about a year ago or so… You made have heard of it, it’s called Profit Canvas.

So Just what is Profit Canvas? Profit Canvas is one of the best all in one marketing tools that you can use to start making money online almost right away!

Here what’s included when you purchase Profit Canvas. 

A  fully functional drag and drop page builder
Video Software
Pop-Up Software
Webinar Presentation Software

Also included… Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing training courses.
You also get 7 products that you can give away to build your list.

Now Lets’ get into the review-

I will go into reverse mode on this review because some of the tools I use less than others, and I ‘m not the only one who is like this with this software…

First the Webinar Software:

Personally I have not used this software and don’t know anyone who has so far, but I can tell you that this webinar software works with Google Hangouts,  all you need to do is hit create new and all of what you see pops up just fill in the blanks, at the bottom there will appear a big button that says start hangout, and that’s all there is to using this webinar software, and Yes it does work!


Next The Video Software:

The video software lets you add different elements to your videos, you can add PayPal buy buttons, Jvzoo buy buttons, you can add your Opt-in forms, and also add a lower third call to action bar, You don’t need to use this software to add videos to your normal pages, you can use the HTML box on the dashboard to just pop in any random video you may have.

The POP- Up Software: This software just like the others, just add in your info and save and your pop-up your done, now you have the option to add many other features to these pop-ups, it’s not just a plain old pop-up that no-one is going to take notice of, you can add  the entire drag and drop menu from the page creator into these pop-ups boxes, and make your pop-up page look the way you want.

So as you can see I really have not used the tools above, but you need to know that all of these tools are fully functional and easy to use.

Profit Canvas Page Builder:

So the Profit Canvas page builder is my favorite tool and that’s because that was the tool that I needed the most at that time in my business. Now, I may be the only one who does this but I have used PC to clone PLR Rights sales page, now granted the sales page I cloned was a short one without lots of content, whoever, all I needed to do was to open up the PC image selector and drag the in image from the PLR image folder, I just thought I’d let you know that. and that just goes to show the power of the sales page builder.

What Can The Page Builder Do?

On the page builder, you can create sales pages, bonus pages, download page, and opt-in pages, basically, any type of page you need. Here’s a list of all of the types of tools you can add to your pages…  Here a page I just recently built… 6figureaffiliate 

Count Down Timers, Link Buttons, PayPal Buttons, Add Almost any kind of graphics, Add Video, Opt-in Forms,  there are HTML boxes which allows to add HTML Code ( No JavaScript ) in all it’s a very flexible page builder.

A few things that are a little annoying: 1. since it’s drop and drag it takes time to line up your content if you have a lot 2. Every time you open a new page the page options box pops up so you have to close to get back to your page to edit, 3. There is NO BACK BUTTON, I love this tool, BUT HATE THIS OPTION!  So if you make a mistake, you have to right-click, open up the edit box and then delete.

I think that’s what I just can’t stand the most no undo or back button, but I guess you can’t have everything,

Next up the training: , Okay let’s put it like this, you get internet marketing and affiliate marketing training included with this deal from two of the best affiliate marketers online, and their stuff is very basic and doable, there hardly any other products out there that I include so much all rolled into one package.

Wait: I forgot to mention one important feature, any page you create with PC is online  instantly, that’s right YOU DO NOT NEED TO HOST ANY PAGE YOU BUILD WITH PROFIT CANVAS.,  And there are no monthly fees to pay, but you will  need a place for your files or downloads, you can’t store any files with PC, just wanted to make that clear.

So what’s the cost? well, I am a re-seller, and I charge $37 one-time, if you go to the main website you’ll pay $67 per month, $297 per year, and $497-lifetime license. You choose.

So if you need marketing training, a page builder, something to give away to your list, need to do a webinar just pick up Profit Canvas. you can’t lose with this deal it get’s an A rating from me!  

 Profit Canvas $37 Lifetime Deal Here…


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