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One of the biggest ways you are sure to fail online is by not taking ACTION! You may have heard or read this in some of the products you buy, a lot of times the creator of the product will say “make sure you take action”. The funny thing about this is the fact we (not anymore) just ignore this advice, we buy these products because they look like they might help to achieve our goals but then we don’t take the advice we just paid for.

Here’s what I would think a long time ago I always thought that these marketers would create theses products and tell me to take action but they didn’t really mean it they just added this stuff to make it look like they cared, and they just wanted my money – ( there are some bad marketers out who still do this.)

However… in most cases today this is not true there are some really good products out there today that you can profit from but many novice marketers don’t take action. I was a big non-action- taker I bought thousands of dollars worth of products in my years online but I never gave any of them enough focus to actually sit down and go thru the entire product and then put it to use to see if it worked, I would get distracted by the next great looking deal and go buy that one.

A lot of times people just don’t believe that they can create something out of thin air, but you can but you to remember if you want to make money online you have to do something or nothing will ever happen. Also, it’s not just taking action it’s CONSTANT ACTION TAKING that gets the real results it’s not always easy to do but you have to have a vision of your business would be like and then get busy.

It takes discipline and focus, ( something I’m still working on) and many distractions will pop up, and in my opinion one of the biggest distractions in “BEING BROKE” this condition will cause you to make so many bad decisions and this is how many new marketers get taken advantage of. You have to know what you want to do and then make sure you are following the right methods to achieve your goals. If you keep chasing the money you’ll end up broke, buy a plan or product that you think you can do and follow it thru until you get results, and if after a reasonable amount of time if it doesn’t work give it up and start over.




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