Vault Review

Just What The Heck Is The Vault?  

Well it’s certainly not a bank vault, but maybe it is a vault of some kind, due ti the fact that there’s about 8,000 products from multiple product owners. Read My Vault Review below… 

The Vault is an very different type of membership site, founded by J-K Bak, where they actually buy products and add them into the membership site for members to use or sell.

Here’s a snippet from the Vault… As “The Unselfish Marketer”, I’ve created The Vault as the ultimate resource for infopreneurs, seasoned and beginner alike, to have access to all of the newest info products, software packages, and membership sites available month after month after month. New products are added EVERY OTHER DAY! Consistently between 70 And 105 new products to sell every month…

That was way better than I could have explained, it’s funny because as long as I have been online spending money on marketing products I never knew this site exited, had I fond this long ago it would have saved me hundreds of dollars in product purchases.

If you find a decent product online you can enter a request to have that product purchased and added to the vault either for member use or to be re-sold, depending on the products rights, there are new products being added everyday, Yes everyday, ever hear of Youzign2? it’s here,. As I’m writing this review I’m going thru the site and WOW… they have really added some great new products.

You can get hosting here as a member, auto-responders, full  memberships site, training, there’s just really so packed into this site I guess that’s why it’s called the VAULT,


To tell the truth this review is really not doing the site any justice it’s a must see, anyhow this site has one really awesome benefit that made me want to join and that’s the fact that if you join you can promote this entire website and get 50% of the profits on a monthly basis, and that is a powerful deal that I don’t think can be topped anywhere online!

So what’s the cost? it’s $47 per month, notice I didn’t say ONLY, and that’s because to some people $47 per month is a lot, BUT if you sell just @ memberships that’s the cost of your monthly fee because you get paid back in 50% commissions every month.

A deal like that I could not pass up so I became a member right away…

Hello Foster Internet Sales,

You have successfully signed up for a subscription to Vault Access Monthly Exclusive Backdoor using PayPal.
Your first subscription payment, for $23.50 USD, has already been sent 

Subscription Details

Date of sign up: Jul 30, 2016
Subscription Name: Vault Access Monthly Exclusive Backdoor
Subscription Number:  
Item Number:  
Invoice Number:  
Subscription Terms: $23.50 USD for the first month

Then $47.00 USD for each month

Like I said it’s really hard to give a visual here this is just something you need to check out for yourself, before you buy that next product, I give The Vault  an A +, so if you want to get recurring income from a membership site I suggest checking out the  Vault fist, Right Here.  


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