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Funny thing, many times I hear of marketers getting stuck at a standstill in their online business because of technical problems, and many times that is true. I’ve had lots of tech issues that just drove me crazy and many times made me want to give up! 

Ans so for you new marketers out there who are still having these types of issues don’t worry you’ll work them sooner or later, took me quite a while but I did it. Now I want to let you know that once you overcome these tech problems the battle is not over,  sorry to disappoint.

Here’s why I say that because the biggest challenge to most new marketers is not the tech challenges, it’s Getting Traffic! That’s right all of the other stuff will seem easy once you get I all figured out and start looking for traffic for your offers.  I’m gonna be real honest getting traffic cam be quite a problem.

I have some products that have affiliate programs and I get lots of marketers who apply to become affiliates to promote my products, and as many people who I approve I don’t see hardly any of them bringing ant sales, now there is another side to this coin but I won’t go into that here.

Here’s the problem I think they all have a hard time driving traffic, I’ve been in the same position I used to sign up for affiliate offers but could never get enough traffic to the offers if any. Getting traffic can be a tedious task, now paying for traffic is in my opinion, the best and quickest way to get this done but you need a budget to keep this up and you need to make sales in order to keep this method going.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel you can get traffic and as much as you want but you gonna have to work for it what you need to do is find one or two traffic methods that you can do and stay with them until you get results and then add a few more. What I just started doing for myself is I picked 5 methods that I know I can do, and then I take one product and run this product thru all 5 methods and then I move on and do the same to any others products I need to promote.

I like the building of pages and funnels way better than I like driving traffic but this si something that we need to do if we want to profit online, so this works for me hopefully you will find your way to get that traffic to your promotions as well.

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