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Want To Make Money Online?

When I first Got started in this online business stuff I didn’t want to hear anything
about SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) Article Marketing Listbuilding, or anything that
required a real consistent effort. 

For me I think it was because I had no kind of business background and the other
was- ( this is one the biggest a real big mistakes you can make in this business) –
I never took the time to understand what and how the concept of Online Marketing.

I Just wanted To make Money Online…

I just thought I could jump in and do what I wanted just because I had a website up,
only to find out thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours later that you can avoid
all of the things that you must do and you always get the bad results, but if you persist
you’ll find out that the things you tried to avoid must now be done if you want to succeed.

Listbuilding was one of those things that I always avoided I spent lots of my time
learning how to building pages and pages, and then more pages, and then I started
buying all kinds of products, resell rights products, software products, all kinds of quick
money making programs.

I kept buying them until I one day woke up and realized who I ‘am I going to sell these
products to? selling to cold traffic won’t make many sales this way….

1. Listbuilding Rule # 1-

People Buy from Those They Know Like and Trust!

It was at this point I I knew I was in trouble I spent all of my time and money just
spinning my wheels, I didn’t even know how to get huge amounts of traffic I get
about 4 to people who request to become an affiliate for one of my products at Jvzoo,
and months later no sales from them. Why? They don’t know how to drive traffic
I wonder how many products they buy each month?

Email marketing is the most profitable way to make a living online go check for yourself
many marketers are making anywhere from $,000 to 50,000 per month just by sending
emails! Now… yes it does require some effort, but who cares if the payoff is $ 10,000 a

You can check this info for yourself I learned all this stuff the hard way you don’ have to
you may ask why am I telling you all this stuff SIMPLE – to build a relationship teach and
make money online thru email marketing, this is what I do it’s what you need to do if you
want the success that can be found within Inter Marketing.

Bill Foster,
1OnemanTeam Internet

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