Why You Should Be Building Your List!

I can tell you right now if your new to this biz, and you’re confused, frustrated, and don’t know what to do in my opinion it’s probably because you’re not building a list.  How can I say that? Because that’s exactly what happened to me before I started building my list.

Before I started to build my list I bought just about every reseller software, and most other products that popped up in my email box on a daily basis, and when I look back now I don’t think I needed about %99.7% of those products, if I were smarter I could have taken that money and used it to buy traffic. If you’re not making any money online and you continue to buy theses products you will end up broke!

It wasn’t until I decided to build my list that I gained focus, I focused on only the tasks and products that would help me build my marketing funnel and my list as well. Yes putting all of this stuff together is a pain, building lead pages, adding products, creating emails, but that’s how the game goes, once you get on top of this stuff it gets easier.

Look at it like this… you don’t know how to get traffic, you don’t have list, you keep buying products, who are you going to sell them to? I used to operate like this, always thinking I can’t let a good deal pass, well guess what? YOU CAN, something better will come around later.

Most business’s, build their customer list by some form or another, and then offer different promotions or sales, which leads me to one of the most important money-making advantages of list building- “Email Marketing” – yes with no list you’re going to be missing out on one of the most profitable online marketing methods going today!

I’ll talk about email marketing in my next post, but if you’re trying to get to hang of this online marketing thing, focus on building your list when you do this you will be on the right path.

Until next Time,
Bill Foster.








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