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A Word Of Advice, If You Don’t Know Them Don’t Let Them In!

So get an email from a well-known marketer who was promoting a product from 2 other lesser known marketers, and since I knew the well know marketer I bought their product because at the time it was something I was looking for.

This particular promotion has a one time offer to have a type of lead page product set-up along with a couple of ebooks, these ebooks would have an image or logo of my business logo put on them for me. So I was kind of excited because this looked like a relly good deal, so I get the ebooks back really quick which was a good sgn to me, but the quality had me wondering you the images were not that sharp like professional grade.

I let this pass because I wasn’t really the ebooks I needed I needed the lead page software set-up, so I wait and what I have a habit of doing when I have a site set up by someone else is I keep checking the domain to see the progress  okay I don’t remember the exact time frames but this all took place in about a week.

I didn’t hear from the marketer that was doing my set-up for a day or two, keep in mind that I gave this guy access to my aweber account, so I guy ahold of the set-up guy and say what’s going on wiht my website set=up?  Also keep in mind that I know how to set-up websites or PLR products but no the type he had, but I do know the in’s and out’ of the hosting company I was using.

The guys say Oh, I don’t see the cig-bin on your website host something is wrong { now with that statement if that guy is reading this you know what you did next SHAME!) We went back and forth about this 2 or 3 times, and I’m saying if this guy is a pro what the hell is his problem?  As soon as you log in the FTP hosting and hit public html, everything you need id right there.

So finally he says your website is broken get your hosting company to fix it, I’m like what the hell I never got a broken hosting account from any web host, but I think hey he’s the pro right? I contact the web host, the site was okay I knew it, I email this guy back, no answer again no answer, so I say okay first thing I do is change my aweber log-in code, but it was too late!

It’s not as bad as you may think, but what this guy did I was so petty, he told me about site problems so he could buy time to go thru my emails and steal he thought was good emails, could not believe it, and yes I knew exactly how many subscribers were on my list and this one, in particular, was the last one and the best one I did lately, he took 25 subscribers from that list I guess that’s how he builds his list.

What did I do nothing except unsubscribe from his list, the well know marketer that promoted this guy DONE, the other guy that was their third member DONE. I lesson well learned for me unless you KNOW you can trust the person with your personal info Don’t Let Them In! I just had a few sites set-up but I Knew I could Trust theses People  Heck their list was 20 times bigger than mine so was their income,

So be very careful about dealing with marketers who want your inside info I  buy many products from unknown marketters but I do Not let them do inside jobs reqiurring my codes so BEWARE!



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