WP Bot Blocker Review..

What Does The WP Bot Blocker Do?

This is going to be a pretty short review because it’s a very easy review because the product has only one basic feature, and for what it does it does it pretty darn goog!

So welcome to my WP Bot Blocker Review.

So I want to let all who’s reading this review right now that unlike all of my previous reviews there’s going to be ni purchase link at the end of this review, and that reason is because ( really being honest) I can’t access the files to get this product up for sale.
However, this is a great little plug-in I have it installed on this site right now, so let get to the short review.

I used to  read about other’s people’s websites getting hacked all the time, I used to see all of the security product being sold, and yet I never ever bought one. That was because at that time my other little website stunk and wasn’t worth anyone’s time anyway. As time went on I got a little better with my site, it started looking pretty darn good.

I even started to add lots of paid content to my website, and maybe that’s what led to my website being hacked. Because it started to look like it was worth being hacked, but maybe it was or not. But the inevitable finally happened… yes someone hacked into my site messed it all up and that was the first and hopefully the last straw!

You see now I take website security serious so I looked around online for an easy security product, I had one that gave you 3 tries to log-in and then it locks you out … and guess what I got locked for good, that’s  right I had to delete the site because Nothing I tried could get me back into that site.

So not too long ago I saw the ad for Wp Bot Blocker and thought I ‘d give it a try, and I’m very happy with the results, in fact, if you take a look around online today you’ll see quite a few big name sites using similar plugins like the Bot Blocker,

What Bot Bocker does is simply make you enter the correct code into the box to make sure your not a robot trying to crack the website admin login password, that’s how website hacking is done, on WordPress anyway, and this little plugin does its job quite efficiently.

So if you need a little piece of mind for your online business I would go with the Wp Bot Blocker, at least until you can get some really high-end stuff but for now, this does the trick and I’m sure it will for you too.

And like I said earlier, there’s no buy button here so some lucky person gets a sales on me today

Until next time,

Bill Foster.





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